Hello Friends,

I'm sad to say that after many wonderful years, on October 29, 2018 we announced that SetLook Digital Media Ltd (SetLook) would begin winding down its operations as we shut down the company.

After starting up in the Spring of 2002, SetLook was acquired by Concur Vision Technology Inc. a two years later in the Summer of 2004. Concur were an invaluable source of support over the 14 years which followed but sadly their strategic plans for the group didn't continue to include SetLook and the decision was taken to close our doors.

Being responsible people, we of course honored all of our existing client commitments and in order to best allow our then active clients to move forward without us, assigned all Intellectual Property developed for their projects to them. We also provided a full set of source code and assets to be taken to a new agency for any future development.

It was a very sad event but we all want to thank our friends, clients and followers for your faith and support over the last fourteen and a half years. It’s meant the world to all of us. Working with such fantastic people has been an overwhelming privilege and we’re incredibly proud of everything we achieved together.

Thank you all so much for being a part of this spectacular adventure.

With thanks, love and best wishes,

Vincent Bell
Managing Director